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EZ-SAR-1000 Advanced Volume-Pressure Ventilator
EZ-SAR-1000 Advanced Volume-Pressure Ventilator

Operates as either a volume or pressure-cycled ventilator.

  • Wide tidal volume and rate range 
  • User-friendly set-up and operation 
  • Accommodates mice up to guinea pigs
  • Direct display of Tidal Volume and all parameters 
  • Remote control via USB port
  • Multi-animal set-up available 
  • Safe for use with oxygen and anesthetic gases

EZ-SAR-1000 Advanced Volume-Pressure Ventilator Specifications:

    Respiratory rate range: 5 – 200 breaths/min
    Tidal volume range: 0.2 – 35 ml
    Inspiration/Expiration range (%Insp): 10 - 90%
    Inspiratory flow rate range: 100 – 1000 ml/min
    Pressure control range: 0 - 50.0 cmH2O
    Internal air pump capacity: 3 LPM @ 5psi (0.34 bar) 
    Analog pressure output voltage: 50 mV/cmH2O
    Logic Sync Out voltage: 5 V (TTL)
    Trigger In voltage: 5V (TTL)
    Remote-control interface: USB
    Front panel ports: Luer female
    Rear panel ports: 0.15" flex tubing barb (4mm) 
    Power requirements (supplied with main cord): 120/240 VAC, 50VA
    Dimensions: 9.00"L x 9.00"W x 4.00"H