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EZ-175 BioVac Chamber
EZ-175 BioVac Chamber

The ultimate protection from isoflurane exposure

  • Virtually eliminates release of isoflurane into the room
  • No need to purge chamber before removing animals
  • Self-contained laminar flow system constantly circulates clean charcoal-filtered air
  • Eliminates need for fume hood
  • Warmed, circulating air maintains proper animal body temperature
  • Simple one-step chamber flush after use
  • Compatible with all inhalation anesthesia systems, including third party units

How the BioVac Chamber Works

The chamber is divided into an upper and lower level. The lower level is used for anesthetic gas induction. The upper level provides laminar flow air cleaning. The dual levels are separated by a silicone membrane that allows easy access to animals.

When removing animals from the lower induction chamber, any escaping gas is immediately captured in the upper level and then flows into the built-in charcoal filter. Clean air is then re-circulated back through the upper chamber.