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EZ-190F Auto Flow Vaporizer Machine
EZ-190F Auto Flow Vaporizer Machine

Automatic five output manifold that does not require flowmeters.

Precise, consistent, preset flow rate from each outlet, no variables…

EZ-190F Auto Flow Vaporizer Machine Features:

  • Fixed flow rates are set specifically for mice and rats
  • Each output is individually controlled with simple on/off switch
  • Five outputs supply anesthesia to the induction chamber and up to four breathers
  • Preset flow rates eliminate need for flowmeters and manual adjustments
  • Protocols are easily followed without calculations
  • Minimum opportunity for operator error
    • Flow rate is not impacted by the type or number of accessories connected
  • Precise, low flow gas saves money and protects personnel
  • Pushbutton oxygen flush purges induction chamber before removing animals
  • Carry handle facilitates safe, easy transport of the machine

Customization Available:

  • Outputs can be individually customized to specific flow rates by our technicians 
  • Can be customized to accommodate guinea pigs and rabbits
    (Additional fee applies for customization.)