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EZ-RB1000 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine
EZ-RB1000 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine


• Dimensions: 18”L x 8”W x 14”H 

• Weight (w/o vaporizer): 14.8 lb

• Flowmeter scale: 0.2 - 4 lpm oxygen

• Manometer scale: -40 - 80 cmH2O

• CO2 Absorber Capacity: 1300cc

• APL Valve Adjustable Range: 0-60 cmH2O

• Oxygen Flush Flow Rate: 10-15 lpm

• Oxygen Connection: DISS 1240 Male

• Rated Working Pressure: 50 psi (3.44 bar)

Versatile Breathing Circuit: Switch applications by opening and closing the rebreathing circuit with the simple turn of a knob, no tubing changes are required.

Safe Oxygen Flush: Recessed oxygen flush valve with restricted flow for additional patient safety. The flush valve is integrated with the breathing circuit for easy access and operation.

Interchangeable Mounting Options: Tabletop design with convenient carry handle is easily upgraded to pole or wall mounting.

Customizable Configurations: EZ offers a number of customizable options: including vaporizers, oxygen cylinder mounts, mayo tray and ventilator stand.

User Friendly Design: Machine comes fully assembled for simple setup and installation. Compact footprint saves space and facilitates transport.

Quality Construction: All parts and materials used in EZ anesthesia machines are medical or food grade from qualified global suppliers.

Integration: Integrates with many popular ventilators and patient monitors.