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EZ-7000 Classic System
EZ-7000 Classic System

The E-Z Anesthesia Classic System is the upgraded version of the original E-Z Anesthesia System that has been used effectively for more than ten years in hundreds of facilities.

EZ-7000 Classic System Features:

  • Accommodates animals ranging in size from neonate mice to rabbits
  • Five outputs supply anesthesia to the induction chamber and up to four breathers
  • New flowmeter configuration is more user-friendly
  • Incorporates two flowmeters:
                Flowmeter 1) Controls flow into the vaporizer
                Flowmeter 2) Controls flow into the induction chamber
  • The second flowmeter allows user to run the chamber and breathers simultaneously
  • Pushbutton oxygen flush purges induction chamber before removing animals
  • Carry handle facilitates safe, easy transport of the unit

EZ-7000 Classic System Comes Standard With:

  • EZ-150C Classic Vaporizer Machine
  • EZ-103A Microflex Mouse/Rat Non-Rebreathing Devices (2)
  • EZ-178 Mouse/Rat Sure-Seal Induction Chamber
  • EZ-258 ReFresh Charcoal Filters (8)
  • EZ-320 Oxygen Regulator for ‘H’ Tanks

Also includes mouse/rat nosecones, nosecone plugs, plastic surgery beds (2), and all connecting tubes needed for immediate use.