Build your own anesthisia system

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About E-Z Anesthesia®

Quality products and customer service are our top priority. For more than 25 years, E-Z Systems® has advanced animal research equipment. We have worked with veterinarians, scientists, research technicians, and facility managers to create our top-of-the-line equipment. We pride ourselves on quickly responding to our customers’ needs and finding innovative solutions. E-Z Systems’ superior customer service ensures that we will support you and your equipment long after the warranty expires.

The E-Z Anesthesia® line was first introduced in the early 2000s. It was created with the help of veterinarians at Temple University. The veterinarians recognized a need for a rodent specific inhalant anesthesia machine. Thus the EZ-Anesthesia system was born.  In addition to an entirely new anesthesia machine, E-Z Systems patented an innovative breathing interface for rodents that is part of every breathing device we offer.  Another innovation included our stainless steel water-heated surgical beds, a durable heated surface providing gentle water heat.

In 2010, we introduced the next generation of the E-Z Anesthesia product line. We updated our previous anesthesia system with the EZ-7000 Classic System and added two new system configurations, the EZ-AF9000 Auto Flow System and the EZ-SA800 Single Animal System. With the help of our customers, we continue to innovate and lead the industry with the highest quality equipment offerings.